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As the ice of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron forms, floats, flows and goes..

I am on the island of St. Kitts in the Wets Indies, avoiding the wild winds, the short days and the ebb and flow of snow in this unpredictable winter that has become the norm in North America.

I live across the road from the ocean and I watch as fisherman bring in their daily catch and clean the fish in the lapping waves along the shoreline. During the day I teach diving or lead dives surrounded by fish, and quite often I see sharks patrolling the waters like century old stewards tending to the abundant coral gardens that span the seabed. The salty sea is warm and clear, but I yearn for the refreshing cool fresh water of my home as I yearn for the spring and the season to come.

I dream of the catch of the day, and the beautiful vistas that I will return to in the spring. I long to launch Tre Anni for the first fishing charter and private tour season for Fathom Five Fishing out of Little Tub Harbour, Tobermory in 2023.

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