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Private Scenic Tour

Every tour is as unique as each ripple on the water.  Lets make your tour the unique experience you've earned!  A family outing, a team getaway, or a private party, we can give you the joy that you deserve and desire.  Our tours are unlimited just like the wet rocks along the shoreline.  


Tours include a journey through the waters of Tobermory in the Fathom Five National Marine Park and along the shoreline of the Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Enjoy one of many tours, or combine them. Take your pick(s):


Fathom Five Fishing, the Grotto Cliffs Caverns & Caves, Flowerpots & Geological Formations, Shipwreck Legends and Lore, Lighthouse Lore, Bird watching, Sensational Sunsets, Fireworks Spectacular, the Stellar Nights, Bad Neighbour Rock runs, Whale Watching and Wonderment "What?"   Many of these tours can be combined into one, to leave you with a custom made tour, for a more fun filled and memorable experience.

Ready to learn more about the tour?

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