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Fathom Five Fishing & Private Tours

Explore the waters of the beautiful Bruce Peninsula

Every tour is as unique as each ripple on the water.  Lets make your tour the unique experience you've earned!  A family outing, a team getaway, or a private party, we can give you the joy that you desire and deserve.  Our tours are unlimited just like the wetrocks on the shoreline.  


Trips include a journey through the Fathom Five National Marine Park while enjoying one of many tours.  Take your pick(s): Fathom Five Fishing, the Grotto Cliffs Caverns and Caves, Shipwreck Legends and Lore, Flowerpots & Geological Formations, Lighthouse Lore, Bird watching, Sensational Sunsets, Fireworks Spectacular, the serenity of the Stellar Nights, Bad Neighbour Rock runs, Whale Watching and Wonderment What?.  Many of these tours can be combined into one, to leave you with a custom made tour, for a more fun filled and memorable experience.

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Private Scenic Tour

Explore the scenic shorelines of the Bruce Peninsula National Park and the surrounding islands of the Fathom Five National Marine Park.  Discover the Grotto, while passing the cliffs and overhangs that skirt the coast of Georgian Bay. Visit the vistas of the lighthouses that were constructed to aid mariners in navigation and still operate today.  Picnic in a private cove or on a remote shore, if conditions are favourable.  Refresh yourself with a quick dip on a sunny day in the crystal clear turquoise waters of Tobermory.


Ask your captain to show you your heart's desire!

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Fishing Charters

Explore the scenic shorelines of Bruce Peninsula National Park and the surrounding islands within the Fathom Five National Marine Park, while fishing for the catch of the day! We will be fishing for Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, and Rainbow Trout.  Fishing is what we do.  We would rather call it catching because that is the goal, however we can’t always guarantee the fish will bite.  When we catch the fish we can filet them on sight and place them in the cooler, so you can take your filet home for a tasty meal after your private trip is finished.  Also if you are savvy we can have fresh Sashimi on board. 

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Tre Anni Grotto3.jpg
Tre Anni Grotto3.jpg


  • There are washroom facilities next to the Dock where you will board Tre Anni for your private tour, please use them. We do not have a bathroom onboard.

  • We are not allowed to disembark on the shoreline of Parks Canada regulated territory. We can go swimming.

  • Unfortunately, some combinations of tours may not be possible due to timing or environmental conditions.  We will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with your tour and adventure, it is our pleasure and our job.  

  • ​We call what we do Fishing. We would rather call it catching but its fishing.  We offer fishing charters and hope you catch something, no guarantees.

  • We cannot control the wind and the waves.  We can do tours in rain but when the winds get too high, even on sunny days we may not be able to safely get out of the harbour or at best we may have to alter the tour to stay sheltered in the lee of some island or land mass.  

  • Some sites we may want to visit on shipwreck tours, may be occupied by Scuba divers and we will need to stay clear by 200' to respect the safety of the divers. This is also maritime law. 

  • If the canopy of clouds cover the night sky.  We may not be able to accommodate a Stellar Tour.  But it can still be a night tour.  

  • We want you to be happy and safe so please be understanding if we have to change plans or alter course.  There is adventure everywhere and always the opportunity for memories.

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