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The big Canoe

The familiar horn blows from the belly of the Big Canoe, the Cheech is back!

Bouyant on a freshwater sea, flat like glass. A still window into the depth of the Fathom Five. The mystery of a maritime museum revealed in the crystal clear waters of May.

I look through this glass to see my old playground along shelf’s and shoals with lonely shipwrecks, bent and broken.

The MS Chi-chemaun loads her victuals of vehicles. Destined for the north, she sets her course leaving the tip of the tale of southern Ontario to the northern road that is highway one and unites a country across a stretch of land between the worlds two largest oceans. I swam in both of them last year.

I make my way to build a wall and complete a job overdue so I can spend my time on the surface of this sea for the spring and summer. My Tre Anni, I will be with you soon for Fathom Five Fishing and Tours.

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